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A View from the Back of the Envelope
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From Brandt: supernova, neucleosynth, electroweak,
nuclear liquid-gas phase transition "about 100 billion K" [AmSci v98 '98 SepOct p450]
quark-gluon plasma above T_c(QCD) =~ 150 MeV or 10^12 K [src][link broken]

define T
include air molecule energy in scale (velocity if little enough variation)
ranges of measurement devices...
extracted oom 10^0 thru 10^4.
colorize something: 10^4 white, 3 red, 2 plain, 1 and 0... ?
a nice T vs distance from sun illustration

The average kinetic energy of a gas molecule is found to be equal to 3kT/2.  Maxwellian distribution
k = 1.381 x 10^-23 J/K
3k/2 = 2.07 x 10^-23 J/K

Total energy = oT^4 where the total energy is per unit area per second emitted by the back body, T is its absolute (thermodynamic) temperature and  o is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant.
(rho) = 5.670e-8 W/m^2/K^4  =~ 10^-7 W/m^2/K^4
Planck curve

Wien's law, which states:    lambda(max) ~ 0.29/T,  where l(max) is the wavelength of maximum brightness in cm and T is the absolute temperature of the black body.
Wien's displacement law constant  2.897 756 x 10-3 m K.   m=foo/K
f = c/l  =~ 2.998e8 m/s / above = 1.03e11 K wave/s =~ 10^11 HzK

Sun is much hotter at the center (15 million degrees Kelvin) that at its nominal surface (5870 degrees Kelvin, at the photosphere)

The cosmic microwave background spectrum was measured with a precision of 0.03% and it fit precisely with a black body of temperature
2.726 K.

About temperature

What _isnt_ order 10^2 K?  32 to 316 K!
Highest recorded weather temp Al'Aziziyah, Libya  57.7 C,  http://www.iinet.net.au/~jacob/worldtp.html[link broken]
 300K room landmark.   ST.

superfluid helium-3: Superfluid is neat. Superfluid flows without friction. Superfluid inside an open container flows up the walls, over them and out. Superfluid flows through small cracks, and conducts heat remarkably well. http://www.msc.cornell.edu/~biggar/lt/lt.html[link broken]

Earth interior:  http://earth.agu.org/revgeophys/duffy01/duffy01.html
4.8e-21 J/molecule at 273K

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