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Good descriptions

[I didn't get a chance to flesh out this page.
The main thrust is to include enough quantitativeness and visualization info for "deep" understanding to be possible.]

If I tell you "the bug is small", you really don't know anything you didn't already know before. If instead I tell you "the bug is small (1mm)", you have learned a lot. You now know it can get through your window screens. That it can't jump higher than a meter. That thousands will fit in your hand.

Atomic bonding (is fundamentally a balance of attraction (electrostatic) and repulsion (electron-compression).)

Search for Simplicity - Weisskopf

A View from the Back of the Envelope
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Pre-first-draft state... obviously...
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quantitative and related props
disconnected lump problem
role of richness lumps
dead foundation problem
that you can work with
include scale bars

Suggestions on looking for
Fun quote:
  "African wild dogs are medium-sized carnivores (weighing ~25kg) that
live in packs of 4-20 adults and their dependent young.  They feed
predominantly on ungulates weighing 15-100kg which they hunt and kill
cooperatively.  The members of a pack are normally nomadic within a
large (~500km2) home range." (Nature 98 Jan 29 p497)

 Why Paragliders are Nuclear Powered

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