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Visualizing Earth's Internal Structure - Driving down

Credits to [Triplehorn,v42,p164].

"Earth's Internal Structure
One way to sense the scale of the earth's internal structure would be to drive through it in your car, as on a vacation trip. Visualize an interstate tunnel going straight down through which you could maintain a comfortable 100 km per hour. Allowing for meals and rest, you could probably maintain this rate for, say, eight hours a day."

Depth of milestone (km) / 100 km/hr = hrs
(For US road maps: km / 1.6 = miles)

0 kmstartsurface San Francisco
Continental crust across the bay and through Oakland
35 km21 minutesbottom of crust Benecia
Lithosphere On Rt 80
65 km39 minutestop of mantle Fairfield
Mantle - low velocity layer Rt 80 through west half of CA
165 km99 minutes Sacramento (mid CA)
Mantle Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska
2885 km3.6 daystop of core Des Moines, Iowa
Core Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersy, 1000 miles of sea
6371 km8.4 dayscenter of the earth in the Atlantic, by Nova Scotia

A View from the Back of the Envelope
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