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History - Detailed change list

2003-Nov-26-Repaired some links. Fixed typo on Calibration page (people are 100+ cm high, not mm). Thanks to three readers.
2003-Apr-15-Added some science fiction vehicles from Starship Dimensions.
2003-Apr-13-Added q-tip at several scales. And salt. Eye of quarter. Exploring cross-linking with zoom icons.
2003-Apr-11-Added a printable HowBigAreThings? cube.
2003-Feb-25-Over the last few months, I've used How Big Are Things? with several classes. I hope to get the class notes and materials online at some point... Please let me know if there is interest. Also some code cleanup.
2002-Oct-27-More course prep.
2002-Oct-23-Added more wavelengths. Course work.
2002-Oct-22-Course prep work. Visible wavelenghts poster. And fixed colors in nanofloor version.
2002-Oct-19-Calibration can now do higher resolutions, so the "floors" can be true size on a projection video screen.
2002-Oct-17-Added link to "course prep" page.
2002-Oct-04-First crufty cut at a pico room.
2002-Sep-09-Added trireme. Added a sphere version of the "no-image" gray circle.
2002-Sep-07-Added link to `printable rulers'.
2002-Sep-02-Planetary nebula. Neutron stars. lyr 1/10ths ruler.
2002-Jul-30-Fixed shape of Moon's orbit. Added Earth Radii rule, magnetosphere images (punted movie due to browser issues).
2002-Jul-27-Added Himalaya crust and profile, Everest peak, land/ocean max/ave height, "stand next to (m)", MFP air, cilia, assorted balls, soccer field. Tweaked crust thickness layout.
2002-Jul-25-Added soil profile, trees.
2002-Jul-23-Added 3mm sea level rise, US rise chart, pier, aircraft carrier. Link to dm box.
2002-Jul-19-Added starling and egg.
2002-Jul-13-Added pin, infected bacteria, euro. Rearranged millipaper. Fixed softball image.
2002-Jul-12-Added paramecium, TP, chromosomes, link to ordofmag.
2002-Jul-11-Added scrollable km map of us ne.
2002-Jul-08-Added Io plume, Ceres, hectare, hundreds, sound rulers. UI tweak.
2002-Jul-04-Added Oregon subducti*n. Tweaked url layout to permit anchors. Added wildfires to kilopages.
2002-Jul-03-Fixed crust cross-section. Added crust thicknesses.
2002-Jun-27-Added Arizona wildfire page. Some homepage fiddling.
2002-Jun-20- Modified navbar (added depth and arrows). Modified Context page, and linked it. Added remaining vbar icon images. Corrected star colors. Added outer solarsystem, and orbits. Pizza and can.
2002-Jun-14-Added Background/Vision section to main page. Thanks to a reader.
2002-Jun-05-Added big letter "a" poster. Person height calibration. Homepage Links.
2002-May-27-Fixed building heights. Added house.
2002-May-26-Added rabies virus, and page thumbnails.
2002-May-22-Added intro text to home page. First change in almost a year.

2001-Jun-20 - Added cube of 100Bpennies. Added hack pollen some time ago w/o logging it.
2001-Apr-27 - Added m/s movement, golf/soft/basket ball, misc.
2001-Apr-06 - Added alveoli, balloons, wrap, foil.
2001-Mar-30 - Added Pompeii.
2001-Mar-29 - Added building heights to meter's paper. Also Statue of Libery image.
2001-Mar-22 - Created this history page. Modified navbar, changing room view description. On calibration page, added vertical references and edited appearance. On home page, added calibration "invitation". Edited `what next' at end of Welcome. Added some nanotubes.

Experimentally added Zetta and Yotta. Site now generally accessible.
Added stuff to micro paper & floor.
Also rulers, assorted images, and UI cruft.
All rooms non-blank.
Room UI modified. Some random content on Megapaper, meterpaper, Exafloor, Megafloor
Third page of Welcome. Bare scale pages exist.
Site up. Only "Welcome" has any content. Calibrate works.

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