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How Big Are Things?
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Welcome... Why be here? The game What it looks like

There are ten rooms.
Each room is shown as both a piece of graph paper,
and as a view of the surrounding room.
a piece of graph paper
The rooms are very different sizes.
They are sortof nested inside of each other.

For example, you are you, inside your room,
looking at this piece of graph paper.

The next smaller room is a thousand times smaller,
and so might look like this .
And here is a little person from the smaller room,
lying on your graph paper   , next to the comma.
He's waving!

The next bigger room, is thousand times bigger.
Your floor is its graph paper!.
Uh oh. Don't look up now, but there is a giant eyeball looking down at you.
Yipes. Better hope she doesn't sneeze!

This is a piece of millimeter-rule graph paper.
The little boxes are millimeters,
the bigger ones are 10 millimeters,
and the biggest are 100 mm.

(If the graph paper lines are missing, or look jagged, your browser is having difficulties. Don't worry, the rooms use a different technique, and so will still work for you.)

The other view is of the floor.

on floor
The thick blue lines are the graph-paper lines of the bigger room above.

So now,
you can start by Calibrating,
or go off to the rooms!

(The micrometer room is nice.)



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