How big is Iraq?
- an example of map comparison.

The idea: You can explore the size of an unfamiliar place by comparing it with a familiar one.

US region: NW N NE (hide)
Iraq: solid transparent (hide)

The Iraq map should be moving up and down over the US regional map. If it isn't, then my javascript didn't work on your browser -- sorry.

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UT Library Online - Perry-Castañeda Map Collection - Iraq Maps
CIA World Factbook - Iraq [source of Iraq map]
Google search: map of Iraq

MapQuest - North Eastern US [source of US regional maps]

How big is Afghanistan? - an example of map comparison

Where is China? It is down over there... [looking through the Earth....]

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  There is a few percent error in scale among the maps.
  The original MapQuest US regional S and SE maps were scaled +8% to be of
    more similar scale to the others.
  In the early 90's, Xerox PARC's map server was a nice, flexible, desktop hack.
    It's now N years later, and "here in the future" ... I'm hand scaling map
    images, and trying not to care about projections.
    Surely we can do better than this...?

  Propagate transparent map javascript fix for NS4 back to Afghan page.

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