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Making a big letter "a" poster

In micrometer's room (1000x magnification), a letter "a" is as big as a person.

"a" poster

Here is a 72 page document you can cut and tape into a giant "a" poster (9 x 8 pages).
The "a" is in a 12 point Times-Roman font, magnified 1000x. Thus, it's a 12000 point "a" :).

letter_a.pdf (.ps.gz)

Poster Assembly

From the poster man page by Jos van Eijndhoven...
    Our preferred method for the assembly of a poster from multiple sheets is as follows:
  1. Arrange the sheets in the proper order on a large table or on the floor.
  2. Remove from all sheets, except from those in the leftmost column or bottom row, their left and bottom cutmargin.
  3. In left-to-right and bottom-to-top order, glue the right (and top) cutmargin and stick the right (and upper) neighboring page on top of that.
  4. Turn the glued-together poster face bottom, and put adhesive tape on the sheet edges (on the backside of the poster) for more strength.
  5. Remove the remaining cutmargin around the poster.


Bug: The edges of this letter are far too sharp. A printer dot, at 600 dots-per-inch, is ~4 cm!
And the paper is, of course, 1000x too smooth.

The poster letter is gray, rather than black, to conserve ink-jet printer ink. You can photocopy it to make it black.

If there is interest, I'll add an A4 version.
And a cover page. And...

  Cover page with example 12 pt text.
    And tiled-paper image as assembly guide.
  Micrograph of some printed text.
  Discuss toner/ink-dot size vs sharpness.  Paper fiber size.
  Describe creation.
  Link to poster page.
  Tweak gray level.  Page size?
  A4? A0?
  2002-Jun-05  Online.

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