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How Big Are Things?
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Welcome... Why be here? The game What it looks like

Walk through the eye of a needle with me,
and we'll see groves of hair-trees,
snack on red-blood-cell candies,
and wander a bacteria beach...

Consider a grain of sugar,
a marble,
a ball,
and a big box.

Each one is 10 times taller than the previous one.

They are about
1 millimeter tall,
10 millimeters tall,
100 mm, and
1000 mm.


Now lets play a scaling game!

Imagine everything on your desk gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.
The sugar grain grows...
as big as a marble...
and then as big as a ball...
Here is a picture of
a grain of sugar:

not yet

Until Woooooosssshhhh, the grain of sugar is as big as a box! As big as a backpack!

The sugar has grown one thousand times bigger!

What about the other things on your desk?

Well, here is what the
marble looks like:
not yet
You can see your hair looks like a tree branch!

Your red blood cells look like M&M candies

And here are some bacteria:

The eye of a needle looks like a doorway



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